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After our visit to the Corradi headquarters, in Bologna, we appreciate the pergolas that they make even more and see great potential in them. They are very practical and are an extremely elegant way of protecting yourselves from the elements.

Corradi products look fantastic, with a stylish and sleek quality that you don’t find with other suppliers. The designing team put a lot of emphasis on the aesthetics and functionality of a design, aiming to blend nature with the products they create. They take inspiration from the elements of fire, water, earth and air.

Some facts about Corradi

  • They have been making pergolas for nearly 40 years so have conducted hours of extensive research; from the initial design right through to the end stage where accessories are required, now seen as a crucial element in the production. The team are still constantly developing new ideas to meet customer needs.
  • They hire skilled and experienced technicians, who know how to use the latest technologies in their field. Staff also need to be manually skilled in order to carry out manual alterations.
  • Their designers and specialists highlighted to us that their pergola designs are characterised by clean lines and a light framework and are ideal for all kinds of buildings; from simple and modern to traditional and characterful. These structures can be perfectly immersed into any natural setting or busy city.

Why invest in a Corradi pergola? 

Almost every pergola is versatile and can be designed for multiple uses: whether for a social event on a summer’s day, a covering for a hot tub, or a meditation and yoga space. Customers have lots of options to add their own stamp of personality, creating their own customised pergolas.

What ranges of pergola are sold by Corradi?  

The two ranges of pergola sold by Corradi are called Pergotenda or Bioclimatics, both of which are similar but with different characteristics: both provide pleasant shade, allowing the amount of light circulation and temperature to be controlled, but the Bioclimatics models have a louvered roof with blades that rotate and can be operated, either by remote control or manually, while Pergotenda models have a sliding, folding canvas roof that is always automatically operated.

Both ranges can be installed in different ways, to suit customer preferences; either attached to the house, or as a free-standing structure.

What accessories are available?

There is a wide range of accessories to choose from: from side closures and lighting to darkening fabrics and small components. All make each outdoor space look unique.

What do customers say about Corradi products?

Customers appreciate their impeccable design, simple style, functionality, use of the most recent technology and structural safety. They are all impressed by how perfectly these structures combine with any house style and its interior, as well as making any outdoor space look more sophisticated.

Why choose Landscape Brothers to supply and install your Corradi pergola for you? 

Since 2022 we have been selling and installing pergolas from Corradi. In our Show Garden in Kirkcaldy (Fife) we have a few models installed just to make sure that potential clients have a chance to see them and explore their features and overall potential.
Currently we are the only representatives of Corradi in Scotland. Whatever your requirements, Landscape Brothers can help you to design and build a perfect pergola.

To book a consultation in our Show Garden visit our website. Come for some inspiration and invest in a stunning feature piece for your garden.