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Every great achievement requires preparation. Therefore, every beautiful garden requires a well thought through plan. Our designs begin with rigorous planning – each detail considered with care and precision. As your partner in this journey, our commitment is to think through every single detail; from the obvious to those often overlooked but crucial aspects.

This ensures a garden that not only looks beautiful but thrives. The ultimate goal? To design a space that is a true reflection of you – a testament to your taste, intricately tailored for your convenience.

Designing a garden shouldn’t be a complicated process either. As a seasoned expert, we understand that the Garden Desing process extends far beyond merely drafting creative ideas. It is about identifying your unique needs and wants, creating a sanctuary where comfort marries style, without the process becoming overly complicated for you.


The benefits of working with a Design and Build company in Fife, Edinburgh, and surrounding areas.

All-in-One Service: From the first sketch to the final flourish, our team manages every step. No need to juggle multiple contractors.

Consistency: Our designers and builders hail from the same team, ensuring the original design vision stays true from start to finish.

Clear Accountability: With just one company overseeing your entire garden project, any concerns? Just one call away. We make solutions swift and straightforward.


Take that first step to the garden you’ve always dreamt of

Looking to revamp your garden design in Fife, Edinburgh, or nearby? Complete our enquiry form to begin. Our Garden Consultant will help realize your vision, optimize your space, and clarify the process, costs, and timelines. Start your transformation; request a consultation now!

Style and ethos

Our contemporary garden designs are trend-inspired, yet remain connected to nature, utilising native species that thrive in Scotland’s environment and attract wildlife.

We customise your garden based on your lifestyle and aspirations, offering both elaborate and low-maintenance garden designs, regardless of size.

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How long does it take to design a garden in Fife, Edinburgh, or nearby?
The timeframe for designing a garden depends on the scale and complexity of the project. Most of our designs take 2-4 weeks to complete.

Can you work with any size of garden?
Yes! Our garden designers can work with any size of garden, from small city balconies to large country estates. They can optimise the available space and make it functional, beautiful, and consistent with your vision.

What does your garden design service include?
They include site analysis, landscape plans, plant selection, and the design of features including patios, decks, water features, and other structures. We offer our design services in packages with transparent pricing.

How much does your garden design service cost?
The cost of your garden design depends on several factors, two of which include the size and complexity of your project. We recommend getting several quotes to get a sense of the average price in your area. Our design packages start at £500, our most popular packages range from £1000 – £1500.

Can a garden design increase my property value?
Yes, a well-designed one not only increases the aesthetic appeal but also adds to the functionality of your outdoor space, which can in some cases significantly increase the value of your property.