Garden Furniture



Garden Furniture

The right garden furniture can create a whole new living space and experience in your garden. It provides a comfortable place to sit and socialise with family and friends, read a book, or simply enjoy the fresh air. Adding a dining table and chairs to provide the perfect plans to dine outdoors, or add a lounge chair or hammock can be perfect for relaxing in the sun.

Our high-quality garden furniture is designed to withstand the Scottish elements which means it lasts for years to come and is low maintenance.

Egoe outdoor furniture

Every Egoé product is made to be a natural part of its environment. Their top priorities are utility and quality, and our design is informed by our experience with urban furniture. With over 25 years of making outdoor furniture it means that they know how to pick the right materials, but that we know how to integrate furniture with its environment for better enjoyment of the outdoors.

It’s natural to be outside. It’s natural to create a beautiful outdoor living space with Egoe.