Entertaining & Relaxing, Dunfermline



The owners of this property were looking for a contemporary garden design, with a space for dining, entertaining, relaxing and a play area for their child. The garden was to be designed for the whole family to enjoy and to be low maintenance. They wanted to get some more privacy and to have a shaded area, to hide from the sun during the day. They also wanted a nearby place to keep their waste bins.
They had recently moved to this new-build property. The back garden wasn’t big, finished with turf and a small slope towards the house. They wanted to extend the modern style of the house outside, with an equally sleek garden at the back.

Our design included 2 new seating areas (with a patio area and raised decking) and a small lawn area, designated as a safe play area for the child.
The garden patio was made from Lucent vitrified paving (Cotswold colour) and was arranged next to their dining patio doors. We used the same paving to create paths around the house and stepping-stones leading to a decking area.


We proposed to place raised composite decking (HD Deck Dual – oak) in the back of the garden, finished with a pergola, which was completed with a sliding pergola shade that could be put out in sunny weather. The new pergola became an important feature in the design and enhanced the appearance of the garden.
The raised flower bed was created along the back fence, where small decorative trees with mixed perennials and shrubs were planted. Another plant section was added alongside the house. We used plants like Amelanchiers, Lavenders, Hostas, Heucheras, Ferns, decorative grasses, bay trees and buxus balls, which were all of different heights. None of these required much attention, ideal for a busy family.

We decided to use a natural looking batten fence, which is a perfect choice for a modern-looking garden and which provides desirable privacy. The same batten screening was used to separate off a section for keeping the waste bins.
All materials used in the design were durable, easy to assemble and low maintenance. Both porcelain paving and composite decking have very durable surfaces, are resistant to heat, water and severe weather conditions, and have long-lasting colour.