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When buying new garden products, you might have found yourself asking some common questions to clear your doubts; Will this garden pot still look good six months down the line? Can I be certain my new water feature won’t erode over time? Is this garden table going to fall apart over the winter?

If these questions sound familiar to you, then…

Corten Steel could be the answer to all your garden needs

Corten Steel products are extremely durable, weather-resistant, and stylish, coming in a range of looks, from rustic to modern.

During the natural weathering process (usually several months), a protective oxidized layer of rust forms on the steel, which prevents any further corrosion from happening. Many feel that the protective rust actually looks better over time. This protective layer gives the steel extreme durability and a long-lasting look, with most Corten Steel products still looking fresh 10+ years later!

This effective process leaves a beautiful range of colours on your Corten Steel product, from dark oranges to shades of brown and copper. Of course, the steel can also be painted or finished to suit your style.

Corten Steel products are frost and crack resistant and require virtually no maintenance, as they do not need to be sealed or painted to remain in good shape. Due to its earthy appearance, it can be easily integrated into any garden style. It perfectly complements other elements of the landscape finish, matching well with small patio spaces or large, ornate features and everything in-between.

When it comes to Corten Steel garden products, you have a wide range of choices with Landscape Brothers. From steel planters and water bowls to large water features and metal fire pits, the only limit is your imagination!

Adding just one Corte Steel element to your garden makes the space instantly more attractive. Corten Steel removes the worry of ugly erosion or the constant need to replace your garden products each year.

Whether you opt for one small steel product like our effective steel garden edging or want to purchase a range of products for a full Corten Steel design, Landscape Brothers can provide the perfect look for you! Get in touch to discuss how we can use a range of Corten Steel products to help create the garden you dream of.