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The list of reasons why you should have a pergola in your garden is endless! They’re perfect for providing shade, adding style to any outdoor space and even hosting parties or events.

In this article, we’ll give 5 strong arguments for why they are a great investment.

What is a pergola?

A pergola is an outdoor structure made from wood, aluminium, or stainless steel that can be attached to the house or be a free-standing structure, built over a patio or anywhere else in the garden.

Structurally, it is easy to build, and just recently they have become more complex and can contain lots of different elements designed to make them more versatile and functional.

Let’s find out 5 popular reasons to have an aluminium pergola!

1. Protection against all kinds of weather

A simple aluminium pergola contains pillars and a roof (sliding, rotating blades or fabric) with no closures and can give us shelter from the sun or rain.

Today, pergolas available on the market have been designed to give even better protection against the unpredictable weather conditions often appearing in the Scottish climate.

Orientable roof blades, which can be rotated by remote control or manually, give full control over the amount of light entering the space, ventilation and thus temperature regulations. By adding glass, canvas or wooden closures, you can achieve a fully closed outdoor space and achieve a comfort that’s comparable to being indoors.

2. An extension to your home

Pergolas are a great way to extend your indoor space. Modern design pergolas can be attached directly onto the side of a house or building without disrupting their visual flow, making them perfect additions to any home.

This space can be adapted as additional home office space (especially during warmer months) hidden in your garden, now highly desirable while many people are adopting remote or hybrid working patterns.

If you want to invest a little bit more in accessories like a louvred roof, sliding doors, side screens, glass walls, lighting, heathers and adequate furniture you can achieve a great comfortable office room.

3. Outdoor Dining and Entertaining

If you love cooking and hosting garden parties, an aluminium pergola can become a shelter for your guests, outdoor kitchen and dining table.

From now on whatever the weather you don’t have to change your plans, you can still enjoy good company and cook a delicious meal in your garden. At the same time your BBQ, wood-fired oven, stove, grill plate, fridge etc can be safely stored all year round underneath your pergola.

4. Gym, Yoga, Fitness Studio

If you don’t like crowded gyms and you prefer to do your workout on your own or practice yoga with a small group of friends, you can do it underneath your pergola.

The pergola’s roof will give you protection from the sun or rain and will keep your equipment away from rust and dirt. It will also allow you to safely use equipment that requires electricity. Your pergola’s closures are made of canvas, aluminium or wood and will assure you privacy and extra control over light and ventilation, while still being closer to nature.

5. Aesthetics

A garden pergola is more than just a practical addition to your outdoor space; it’s also an investment in style and beauty.

A pergola can be a versatile accessory that can be used in many different settings. It can enhance the appearance of your property with its sturdy yet elegant design elements like pillars, glass doors or trellises to help create an inviting environment at any gathering space in your garden. It can also become a great focal point, catching everybody’s attention.

Aesthetics shouldn’t be forgotten when considering this purchase, especially because there are so many different design options available when it comes to the choice of materials and colours. There’s something to suit every garden, house style, outdoor furniture etc. The possibilities are endless.

If you are considering having an aluminium pergola built in your garden, we hope this article will help you to make that decision. If you care about practicality and aesthetics, Corradi’s pergolas should be at the top of your list of products available on the market.

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